Took care of me

I’m a truck driver that does not live in the state. One day while on my way to deliver a load in the area, the unthinkable happened. I got into an altercation with someone, got arrested and found myself facing an attempted murder charge with 3 enhancement add ons which carried a prison sentence of 13 years. I hired Mr. McGee which turned out to be one of the best decisions of my life. Mr. McGee used his courtroom skill to get the police department to release several pieces of evidence that were favorable to my case. To make a long story short, Mr. McGee was able to make a deal with the prosecution which got me out of jail in 3 months with credit for time served. Not only is Mr. McGee an excellent attorney, he is also a good person that actually cares about his clients. He communicated honestly and promptly with my family members when they reached out to him with any questions or concerns. He knew that I didn’t know anyone in the area, nor did I know my way around the city. When I was released from jail, he personally picked me up and it was not during regular business hours I might add. He also paid out of his own pocket for me a safe place to stay for several days and made sure that I had food and personal care hygiene products in my hotel room. He wanted to make sure that there were no mixups with the state probation office, so he personally picked me up from my hotel to take me to the probation office to get everything set up with them to seek a probation state transfer. He did other things for me in which I’m grateful for and that I didn’t except him to do. This case was an extremely stressful ordeal for me. Mr. McGee had to calm me down frequently. I can now move on with my life and can put this chapter behind me thanks to him. I will never forget what he has done for me. That’s why I’m letting you know, if you find yourself in a need of an excellent attorney that will take care of you than look no further. Call James Mc Gee today. You will be glad that you did.

CP 2/15/2021

Professionalism, Quality, Responsiveness, Value

If you need a lawyer for felony, this is your guy. James McGee is upfront, honest and will fight for you. You will not be disappointed. I am glad I choose him to represent me. I was facing 5 years, walked out of court a free man. Thank you!!!!

Anthony D. – La Habra, CA 12/14/2020

I am so glad I decided to hire Mr. James Mcgee for my son's case. He was able to reduce his charges and get him out sooner than expected. I not only recommend Mr. Mcgee because he is experienced and knowledgeable, but also because he provided comfort for my family. If you are thinking about hiring this law firm, it would be a decision you will not regret.

Yesenia R., San Francisco, CA 7/6/2020

James McGee, is by far the greatest most caring attorney that I have ever met. He always answered my phone calls, even on the weekends. He was always there to help me, he even showed up to court on another case that I had just to make sure that nothing from the new case would interfere with my pending case. I Highly recommend Attorney James McGee.

Maria R., San Bernardino, CA 7/30/2020

I would highly recommend Attorney McGee. He help my son resolve his case and my son was released. His office assistant Sam is the Best!! Thanks again for your support and help!

Shandricka M., Corona, CA 8/5/2020

Look no further!!!! My 19 yr old daughter got herself in a situation, and got a Minor in possession of alcohol charge. I was not aware that on a First offense, there is a 1 year Drivers License suspension, fines, and community service. As a parent in a panic to save my daughters future goals and dreams, I felt it was necessary to obtain legal counsel. I contacted the Law Office of James McGee to see if they could help. Sure enough, the crew at the law firm was awesome. I worked with Jacob (another attorney in the Law Firm), and he got my daughter 21 hours of community service with complete dismissal after completion! No fine, and no suspension of Drivers License. Nothing short of a miracle in my opinion. Jacob was always accessible for questions and concerns, and I can’t recommend this Law Firm enough. Thanks for everything and Jacob, quite frankly, YOU ROCK!!!

Jane S. – Rancho Cucamonga, CA 12/3/19

McGee is AWSOME!!! We hired McGee to fight for my husband he was facing 37 years to life in State Prison he was being charged with attempted murder with a firearm and gang allegation. Our whole world came crashing down up until we hired Mcgee he gave our family hope. He is very honest and hard working. He will fight for you, WORDS CAN NOT EXPLAIN HOW GREAT OF AN ATTORNEY MCGEE IS! MY HUSBAND CAME HOME WITH TIME SERVED. I recommend McGee to everyone in need of an excellent attorney.

Tamrin S. 11/14/19

I hired Mr. McGee because I was facing a life sentence. He fought for me and did everything I asked. It took a little bit of time due to court proceedings but in the end he got me time served and let me go home to my family.

Ed S. Montclair, CA

There isn't any perfect words to describe the level of service this man has provided for me. I put my funds, assets, and trust in james mcgee and i am happy to say that trust and money was not missplaced. He was there and still continues to be there every step of the way even to this day. Theres just nothing words can say, and if you are in need of a great criminal defense attorney I HIGHLY recommended the law office of James McGee if you value your freedom.

Javier M. Redlands, CA 4/1/2019

My family and I retained James E. McGee on the day of May 23rd. of 2015. My case load was life in prison. From the moment we hired Mr. McGee he made sure we had the right doctor, private investigator, and crime scene investigators to help show evidence with my defense. Mr. McGee is honest, hardworking for each of his clients. He is about delivering what you (the client) want.

Mr. McGee is by far the best violent crime criminal defense lawyer in the county of San Bernardino and let me briefly tell you why.

While I was incarcerated from 2014, October to 2015, June in the county of San Bernardino not only was I grateful to have James McGee as my defense lawyer but many other inmates had McGee as their defense lawyer also. And I saw many other inmates would ask about McGee and his contact information because they wanted to retain him. The inmates would learn the outcome of cases McGee had and were impressed.

Being that there are many lawyers in this county James E. McGee is the most positively talked about lawyer in this county for sure. If you are searching for a criminal defense attorney with real court room experience you hire James E. McGee now.

Alfonso G. Colton, CA 8/13/2019

Watching the Chase Meritt trial, I seen Attorney McGee rip apart the States case. A BEAST OF AN ATTORNEY.

John Z. Fort Lauderdale, FL 6/1/2019

Our family hired attorney James McGee after having a poor experience with another attorney. Attorney McGee was upfront in the cost and explanation of how the legal process works. He was able to win us a very favorable outcome.

Agustin A. Menifee, CA 8/26/2019

Honest and Trustworthy

Jim helped me through a very difficult situation. He is very knowledgeable and honest.

Armando, 10/26/2017


He is very observant, looks at every angle . is honest and will fight for you. The best you can hire. Look no,further.

Gabriela, 05/28/2017