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Criminal Defense Legal Services

The Law Office of James McGee prides itself on high-quality personal representation in criminal matters. We use our close ties in Riverside and San Bernardino Counties to serve individuals who require experience criminal defense assistance. Our firm is well-respected in the local community and we have the track record that will justify your faith in us. When you hire the Law Office of James McGee, you can rest assured that your matter will proceed as smoothly as possible.

We limit our practice areas in order to assure knowledgeable representation. Our practice areas include:

  • Criminal Defense including violent crimes, firearms charges, white collar crimes and┬ádrug offenses.

We can be there for you whether you are just in the planning stages or require zealous advocacy when litigation arises. If you are in a position of being questioned by law enforcement, we encourage you to consult with us beforehand and have your attorney present during questioning to protect yourself and your rights.

Contact the Law Office of James McGee today to start with a consultation. We look forward to being a major part of your legal solution.

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