Born and raised in St. Louis Missouri, Steven is a graduate of Mizzou and Florida Coastal School of Law.  Mr. Weaver has a diverse legal background.  He started practicing law in 2006 at the Los Angeles County Public Defender Office.  He practicing at the downtown courthouse on Temple, Los Angeles Court, Downey Court and at Kenyon Juvenile Justice Center in South Central Los Angeles.  He did over 30 misdemeanor trials and 40 juvenile adjudications with a focus on saving youth from strikes.  In 2012, he wanted a new challenge and he took and passed the Missouri Bar and started a criminal division at his brother’s law firm, TLW and Associates in St. Louis Missouri.  He also started to learn civil law and started to take cases in that area of law.  In a short period of time he was able to receive settlements in cases ranging from a wrongful foreclosure to a slip and fall at LAX.  Other areas of law he practiced include insurance, personal injury, land-lord tenant and medical malpractice.

After a couple of years of experiencing excruciating heat, freezing colds and missing criminal trials, he decided to move back to Southern California!  He started with the San Bernardino in December of 2014 and while there achieved not guilty verdicts on all of his misdemeanor cases and winning most of his felony cases.   From 2018-2021 he was awarded the distinction of being chosen for the “187” or “murder team” of the office and achieved success in 7 out of 10 murder trials.  He has negotiated at least 10 187 cases for the low to mid-teens and even as low as 7 years on a manslaughter.   Mr. Weaver opened his own firm in January of 2022 but Mr. McGee, knowing of his excellent reputation and trial abilities, recruited him to join his firm in March of 2022.  Mr. Weaver now has his sights set on defending serious criminal law matters and civil litigation matters including prisoner’s rights.

Mr. Weaver was a division 1 basketball player at Mizzou and played with NBA players Kareem Rush and Kenyon Dooling.  In high school he won a state championship with current Duke Coach Chris Carrewell.  He has won several championships as an attorney in the Landau league in Los Angeles with the Langston Association and still plays weekly.  Mr. Weaver is married and has one child.  He is passionate about civil rights, justice and sports and he is excited to be at your service.  He has almost 100 trials under his belt and has successfully had hundreds over matters dismissed, reduced or defended successfully.  With Mr. Weaver, you can trust you have an experienced attorney who will fight for you!!